Massage Therapy Graduate: What Now?

Massage Therapy Graduate: What Now?

Aloha everyone!

I just celebrated my 22nd birthday and my Massage Therapy graduation!

I’m overly ecstatic and I just have to share with the world – even if no one can truly understand what my life is like, that’s the beauty of individual experience.

Many of my classmates have just graduated from the associate or bachelor degree programs in college and I congratulate you all who have done the…

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Miracle Message #59:

“Honor your commitments.
Show up for yourself and the world.”

Are you someone who shows up late for appointments, dates, classes and the like? Do you find yourself questioning your commitment to small and large scale projects? Have you noticed that many of your friends and family no longer bother to invite or trust in your word? This was definitely me in the previous years,…

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Help me support a cause!

Help me support a cause!

Help me support a cause!

Aloha everyone! I’m calling out for support in my aims to return to Bali, Indonesia this upcoming July-August. My first experience in Bali was May of last year. It would be an understatement to say that it was anything less than enlightening.  I have been aching to go back with a deeper purpose, so this time I am dedicating my return to the local community by volunteering…

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Friday Reflection

Originally posted on Entertain IPAA:

“Here’s a 30-second experiment for you:

Pull your shoulders back,

look up toward the ceiling or sky,

and smile.

How do you feel right now?”
— Yoga Vida

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Miss Diondra:

Live from a point of center and see your experiences with clarity.

Originally posted on Writing into the Light:

return to honesty

to gentleness to letting

go so meditate


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