Detox Diaries: 7 Day Health Course with Nadia!

Detox Diaries: 7 Day Health Course with Nadia!

”How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve their world.”
- Anne Frank

Aloha everyone!

I have signed up with this free 7-day health course with Nadia online that I’m taking with leisure and an open mind. It’s been simple enough and quick to read on the go for those with overly busy days! She sends an e-mail every day for 7 days with a topic and…

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Transform Your life: Contemplations

Transform Your life: Contemplations

“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”

-Francois-Marie Voltaire

Aloha WordPress!

Today I’m starting my day off with a deeper meditation. I spent my first 10 minutes before leaving my bed grounding my root chakras, filling my light body with pure protection and love. I realized that my energy seems erratic, fiery and ruthless. This is alright, nothing bad about fire but without…

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Monday Mantras: I AM LOVE!

Monday Mantras: I AM LOVE!


Mantras are high vibrational sounds that recreate your reality, what you say is what you become. In this world of western society we have been brainwashed into this delusion that we are everything BUT love. The focus is on a manmade agreement of trade; material gain and profit. Not to say that this adaptation has no spiritual purpose – but our ignorance to it’s imbalances and harm to the human…

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Detox Diary: A Foodie’s Discipline

Detox Diary: A Foodie’s Discipline



My birthday month has come to it’s end, which means my focus is going to be redirected to my initial commitments! I’ve indulged in decadent meals out and more sweets than my body agrees with.  With summer far from coming to an end,  everyone still seeks to keep their beach day physiques. I STRESS this to all my beautiful friends out there: there is a fine line between being SKINNY and being…

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the breath is the ignition  that will enable our vehicles to enter in the unseen realms returning…

the breath is the ignition 

that will enable our vehicles to enter in the unseen realms returning us to our truest form. 

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Kevin Richardson: Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson: Lion Whisperer

“When one loses the deep intimate relationship with nature then temples, mosques and churches become important,” the wise guru Krishnamurti

But when the role of religion becomes so convoluted and the human race deepens it’s wrathful self-annihilation – we must return back to our innate nature in nature.

Kevin Richardson is another…

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Have you been LISTENING?

Have you been LISTENING?

“Listening is a process of love”
Wow, what a statement. That simple sentence stuck to me this evening, and I will do my best to rank this practice higher than the other virtues I’m working with this upcoming month of August. 

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” – Zeno of Citium quotes Diogenes…

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30 Days of Writing…the Bleeding Begins Again.

30 Days of Writing…the Bleeding Begins Again.

Miss Diondra:

I will take this challenge along with the other quietly accepted challenges for the month of August! I’m excited to read all that spills out.

Originally posted on YogaMatUnrolledBlog:

In March I participated in this 30 day writing challenge. I loved it.

It is simple, write everyday for 30 days. Sponsored by Rebelle and Andrea Balt of Creative

It starts again…

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Blissful Beach

Miss Diondra:

A beautiful piece by a fellow mermaid yogini

Originally posted on YogaMatUnrolledBlog:

I wrote this old post (August 13, 2012) while sitting on the beach in Cape May, NJ.  Today it is a reminder of what is to come in a few weeks.  I look forward to revisiting my Yamas and Niyamas.  Happy Summer.

I have always found peace at the beach. 

I am a granddaughter of a Portuguese…

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